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Since its introduction in 2005, the EFG International Concours d’Elegance has become one of the highlights of the Regent Street Motor Show. This year the cars were judged by experts including Ross Brawn and Edd China. 100 cars took part and the winners were:


Concours d’Elegance

The car which most embodies the spirit of the veteran era, in the composition of the coach work, paintwork and upholstery.

Winner: Car No 253 – 1903 White (Steam). Entrant Mitch and Wendy Gross from New York


Concours d’Equipe

For the vehicle, drivers and passengers who will be wearing appropriate period dress that, in the view of the judges, symbolises the veteran era.

Winner: Car No 136 – 1902 Deckert – Entrant is Barbara Dedman from Maldon, Essex


Historic Veteran Car Award

For the motor car with the most impressive provenance in either continuous ownership or historic connections.

Winner: Car No 611 – 1892 Panhard et Levassor – Entrant is Robert Panhard from France


Original and/or Unrestored Veteran Car

The vehicle which most accurately represents the specification of the vehicle when new, in every detail. This may be an unrestored vehicle.

Winner: Car No 32 – 1899 Delahaye – Entrant Jonathan Procter from Switzerland


The Judges Special Award

An award with no specific or technical criteria, but given to the car selected as the Judges favourite of the day for whatever reason – as they see fit.

Winner: Car No 125 – 1902 Toledo (Steam). Entrant is Nick Howell from Penzance, Cornwall


The Spectators Special Award

As voted by the public for their favourite veteran car of the day.

Winner: Car No 411 – 1904 Mercedes. Entrant Albert Eberhard from Switzerland


Overall Winner

The overall winner as nominated by the Judges.

Winner: Car No 165 – 1902 Arrol-Johnston. Entrant Mick Hacking. Driver Alistair Hacking from Billingshurrst, West Sussex.

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