The Regent Street Motor Show provided something for everyone with lots of things to see and do throughout the day from 10.30am until 4pm. Highlights included the Steve ‘Showtime’ Colley Stunt display, the Top Gear simulation experience and street theatre performances from the West End Kids.

Steve Colley Stunt Bike Display

The Steve Colley Stunt Bike Display premiered at the event in 2015 and was an instant hit! He was back in 2016 attacking a series of impossible obstacles  – flying up a 7 foot vertical wall, leaping over big gaps, performing 180 degree helicopters, bunny hops, insane trick riding, full speed stoppies, and an endless array of balance skills. The crowds weren’t disappointed!

Top Gear Experience

The chance to experience the driving seat of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1.. On Regent Street!

Visitors to the Show had the chance to get in the driving seat of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 plus there was the drift community to enjoy.

West End Kids

Providing entertainment each hour from 10:30 right the way through to 15:30 is the elite song & dance troupe, the West End Kids, performed automotive-inspired stage tunes at the junction with Great Marlborough Street.

To find out more about the West End Kids, visit their website.